butt-augmentationNow a day’s everyone want to be thin but by doing that women lose their curves, at this the time biggest problem for every woman is how can they maintain desired weight and curves? Well solution is simple butt augmentation, it is a cosmetic procedure where extra volume is added to your butt which will make it bigger, plumper and gives you a natural desired shape. Not only that, you butt starts to sag with age hence at such time butt augmentation is what you are looking for. This procedure will eliminate sagginess of your buttocks.

There are many different procedures that can be performed to enhance the butt area, but there are three major procedures for reshaping the gluteal area:

  • Fat transfer (Brazilian butt lift)
  • Butt implants
  • Buttock lifting

FAT TRANSFER (Brazilian butt lift)

The famous Brazilian butt lift is in surgical terms a fat transfer procedure to the buttocks. It is the most versatile procedure available. This procedure can be used to change the buttocks any way the patient wants. In this procedure, Fat from the abdomen, flanks, thighs, and arms, lower and upper back is taken and then the removed fat is processed and re-injected into the buttock area

Who is the ideal candidate for this procedure?

Not everybody is a good candidate for this procedure there are many factors that are taken into consideration before doing a Brazilian butt lift.

  • Amount of fat

The bigger the desired butt, the more fat you will need. If you would also like to have relatively larger hips, then, you need to have more fat. And if you do not have enough fat then, you will have to gain weight.

  • Health

You cannot have any significant medical problems.

  • Quality of your skin

If your buttock skin is very saggy then, you will not be a good candidate for just butt augmentation. You might need to have excision of the excess skin, which is a more traditional butt lift.

  • Realistic expectations

You will have to be realistic on what to expect in terms of your goals and what the surgeon can provide. The results depend on a combination of multiple factors: your skin tone, shape of your body before surgery.

What is the procedure of fat transfer (Brazilian butt lift?)

Firstly local anesthesia is used, and then a small incision is created in the area for fat removal and, using a sterile technique, inserts a cannula connected to a syringe to carefully extract fat. Once enough fat is obtained from the donor area, then it will be processed to prepare the fat cells for transfer to small syringes that will be used for fat injection. Purification may require the use of a centrifuge to spin the fat or a filtration process to remove impurities. Then a needle or cannula will be inserted into the incision made on your buttocks. The injection needle is usually passed in and out of the areas to be augmented multiple times. Each time the needle or cannula is withdrawn, a line of fatty tissue parcels is carefully deposited in natural tissue planes. This process is repeated until the desired correction has been achieved, creating a grid of grafted fat.

Post op care

The postoperative care is as important as the procedure.

The fat behaves as a graft during the first few weeks, once the fat develops its own blood supply, then, sitting will be recommended.

Do buttock stretching exercises. This will help with your recovery.

Wear girdle at all time. You can remove it to take a shower; then, wear the girdle again.

Wear a compression stocking net the first day after surgery to help prevent clots. Drink plenty of fluid.


Performing buttock implants is an additional option that mainly increases the buttock‘s projection but does not necessarily shape the hips; Implants are often used in plastic surgery to reshape and augment body parts like the female breast and the calf. Likewise, gluteal implants can improve the shape of patients’ buttocks. Implants used to augment and shape the buttocks are made of solid silicone which cannot break or leak any fluid into your body.  Moreover, you actually do not sit on the implant because it is placed somewhat higher than the bones on which you actually sit.

What’s more, these implants are available in different size, shape and skin quality are other variables, such as size, shape, and skin quality. If you are thin and wear a size two to four dress, you may not have enough bodily fat to spare for the fat transfer butt enhancement method; therefore, in order to create a new, curvier rear, you would have to receive butt implants.

What is the procedure?

Buttock augmentation is done under local anesthesia. Then a 5 to 6 cm vertical incision is made in the well-hidden buttock center crease, the sacrum. The dissection continues on either side of the sacrum until the buttock muscle is reached. At this point, the muscle is incised and with careful dissection, a pocket is created for the implant within the muscle. Surprisingly, there is very little bleeding. The implants are inserted into the newly created pockets and the muscle closed over the implants. The midline incision is then closed in layers. If liposuction is going to be done, it is performed through separate incisions. It takes about an hour to perform. If liposuction is being done, then it may take an additional half hour. The procedure is completely safe and long lasting.

Complications and risks?

There is no long lasting discomfort; there will be some swelling which will go down in about 3-4 months. You may experience occasional temperature changes and numbness over the buttocks. But that will also improve over the next three months. You will need to wear a support garment for approximately two to three weeks. This will help the skin rewrap properly and provide support to the augmented buttocks. Final results are noticeable three months after surgery. At this point, most of the swelling will be gone and the implants will be settled in their normal position.


In this procedure, reshaping is performed by rearranging the buttock’s soft tissue in such a way that it will have a better projection and will anchor the soft tissue to help achieve long lasting results. Sagginess, laxity, amount of deflation of the buttocks, and location of the deformity can be corrected by this treatment.

What is the procedure of traditional butt lift?

Traditional butt lift can be performed in various ways

Upper buttock lift

The upper buttock lift is one of the oldest procedures; this is the only and most effective way to lift the buttock when the excess skin is severe. In this procedure, a long incision is done that follows the upper buttock contour. The buttocks are undermined and the excess skin and tissue are used to anchor the buttocks to the bone or deep tissue to avoid displacement of the scar and early sagginess of the soft tissues. In addition, the excess tissue is used to add volume at the buttocks.

Lateral buttock lift

The lateral buttock lift is a technique which is use to enhance the buttocks when mainly the deformity of the buttocks is located on the sides and hips and the degree of sagginess of the butt is moderate. The incision is located around the hip buttock junction and the length of the incision is much shorter.

Butterfly buttock lift

The butterfly buttock lift is a procedure that is very useful to enhance the buttocks in those cases where there is mild to moderate sagginess on the central buttocks. The incision follows the gluteal crease and extends to the sides following the junction of the lower back with the gluteus. This approach to buttock rejuvenation improves the actual sagginess but does not significantly lift the inferior gluteal crease.

Lower buttock lift

The lower buttock lift is the procedure that I use to correct moderate ptosis in the area of the infragluteal fold by creating a new fold. In addition, it helps to correct the “banana role” in those patients who complain having either a double infragluteal fold or excess sagginess.