Dimple Creation Surgery? Dimple Creation in Pune, Best Dimple Creation Surgery Clinic in Pune
It is possible to surgically create dimples, and the surgical procedure to create dimples is very simple and straightforward when done properly and it is called Dimple Creation, or Dimple surgery.

Why would anyone consider getting Dimple Creation Surgery? In some cultures dimples are considered a sign of good luck and prosperity. Also, dimples help brighten a smile and add character. Many patients state that one of their siblings or close friends have a dimple and they are happy to know that dimple surgery is available to give them that option as well.

Dimple creation surgery is a relatively easy and painless way to form a dimple for those people who have always wanted one. Fortunately; you can now achieve a beautiful, dimpled look with facial plastic surgery.

What is a Dimple?

A natural dimple is the result of a small opening in a muscle in the cheek called the buccinator muscle. Although it’s a hereditary trait, it can be created with a minimally invasive surgical procedure(dimpleplasty). Even though the cause of dimple is a defect in the muscle, in many cultures it is seen as a highly attractive trait. Dimples are considered a sign of youth and beauty which accentuate the smile of the person possessing them. People born with natural facial dimples can lose them or see a reduction of depth as they get older and the skin, muscle, and physical weight changes.

Types of Dimples

Cheek Dimples

This is the most common and known dimple located on the cheeks, it can be found on many areas of the cheek, and some people only have one dimple instead of two. Dimples can add angularity to the face and often, the person who has the procedure is perceived to have lost weight. When consulting with Dr Prashant Yadav, you will discuss the depth and placement of your desired dimple.

Chin Dimple

Often referred to a as a “cleft chin” is a less common dimple on the face, which results from a connection to the underlying jaw structure (i.e. John Travolta). Since it is a dominant trait, the likelihood of inheriting a chin dimple is high if one parent has it.

Back dimple

This type of dimple has also been referred to as the “dimple of Venus” after the Roman goddess of beauty, is the least known of the three. It is situated in the lower part of the back and is more common in women than men

Dimple Creation Technique

The procedure is done under local anesthesia. You will be awake and comfortable during the entire dimple surgery process. The dimple surgery takes about 45 minutes to perform and you can go travel back immediately after the procedure.

A natural dimple is usually formed when there is a small defect in the cheek musculature (most often the buccinator muscle). The skin overlying this small defect is stuck down to the underlying connective tissue and creates a dimple in the skin with facial animation (smiling).

Dimple creation surgery can simulate this naturally occurring process. To create a dimple, a small painless incision is made in the inside of your cheek. There is no incision or scar on the outside skin. A small absorbable suture is passed through the inside of the cheek and catches the undersurface of the skin where the dimple is desired. When this suture is tied it causes a dimpling in the overlying skin. At first there is a dimple present even without smiling, but after several days, or sometimes a few weeks, the dimple is only present while smiling or moving the face. The scarring between the inner skin and muscle will cause a dimple even after the suture is absorbed.

Dimple creation surgery can be done on any type or size cheek, although some cheeks are probably better candidates than others. You can decide the location of the dimples and during consultation with we can tell you the most optimal place for the dimples on your face.

Dimple creation surgery is safe and effective, but also potentially reversible. There is no risk or complications with dimple creation. For few days you can have swelling and some bruising. You can resume your normal activities the following day. A course of antibiotics for 5 days will be prescribed after your dimple creation surgery

Dimple Creation FAQS

Can you get facial dimples without surgery?

If you were not born with dimples, it is not possible to get dimples that will be long lasting with methods such as facial exercise. Some people have tried to get dimples by having their cheeks pierced instead of a dimpleplasty. Unfortunately, results with piercing can be limited and variable. Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of having a dimple piercing.

Are you a candidate for a dimple surgery?

Most healthy people can be candidates for dimpleplasty. During your consultation a review of your medical history and an examination will determine if you are a candidate.

How is the dimple surgery done?

Cheek dimple creation (dimpleplasty) is a procedure that can be done under local anesthesia. Prior to your procedure we will mark the area with you so you are fully aware of the planned dimple placement. During the procedure, a small opening inside the mouth and work on the buccinator muscle inside the cheek is made to create a natural-looking dimple. The inside of the cheek is closed with dissolvable stitches and you’re able to resume most normal activities following the short procedure.

Since the procedure is performed inside the mouth, there is no obvious appearance of surgery from the outside. Dr. Prashant combines his technical skills, artistry and expertise for a quicker recovery so you can enjoy the compliments related to your new dimples sooner.

Dimples surgery procedure time

Dimple creation surgery is a quick, relatively painless, outpatient procedure. A dimple creation procedure takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia .To create dimples, the surgery is performed on the inside of the cheek and there are no scars or incisions on the outside skin.

Can I decide how the depth and location of the dimple on my cheek?

During your consultation with Dr. Prashant Yadav, he will provide you with information about the optimal placement and the degree of depth you can anticipate.

What is Dimple Creation Surgery Aftercare

It’s very important to follow your post procedure care to insure proper recovery. An antiseptic mouthwash has to be used a couple of times a day to keep the site as germ free as possible. Suitable antibiotics will also be prescribed to help with faster healing.

Dimple surgery reversal

While dimple creation is a long lasting procedure, it does not mean that all cosmetic dimples are completely irreversible. Dimple creation may be partially reversible.
In the reversal procedure, the tissue in the cheek may be released and the skin separated from the underlying muscle. As with all cosmetic procedures there are exceptions.

Are there any risks?

The procedure is without any risk or complication. There can be temporary pain and some swelling for few days which will subside on its own.

Recovery from Dimpleplasty

The sutures dissolve and absorbs in about 2 weeks and the skin softens which creates a more natural appearance. When the internal tissue heals, it connects the cheek muscle to the skin, thus creating a dimple when smiling. This period could vary from a few days to several weeks depending on the healing and the extent of tissue removed. It typically takes a few weeks for your new dimple to look natural.

How much does the dimple surgery cost?

The fees for any procedure are based on the level of the procedure, the time and resources required. Contact us for more information about the procedure and we can arrange your consultation with Dr. Prashant Yadav to know the cost of dimple creation procedure . It will also depend on the type of dimples wanted, for the cheek dimple, some patients have already one and only need/want another.

How to prepare before the Dimple creation surgery?

You have to get some preoperative blood test done before scheduling your procedure. During your consultation, Dr. Prashant Yadav will review your medical and dental history as well as any medications you may be taking.