hymenoplastyHymenoplasty (Revirginisation procedure)

Hymen is a thin, delicate membrane which is partially covers the opening of the hymen in most girls. It is an elastic and collagenous tissue.

In younger women, hymen is very vascular as opposed to menopausal women, which are very thin. In adult virginal women, the hymen is a different thickness that surrounds the hymen opening more or less completed.

Rupture of the hymen normally occurs during the first sexual experience. Though there are some instances where the hymen is torn as the result of day to day activities such as bicycling, horseback riding, gymnastics and Inserting tampons can also rupture a hymen early.

Procedure of Hymenoplasty

The hymenoplasty is a safe, effective and minimal invasive procedure done as a day care procedure .it require no admission or stay in the clinic . the whole procedure is completed in around 1 hour time and after that one can immediately resume there work . it has minimum downtime and require no dressing or stitch removal.This surgery involves the reconstruction of the hymen. Hymenoplasty is performed to make the patient appear virginal. It works for women who have not had hymen deliveries, and preferably, in those who have never been pregnant. . the procedure is done under local anesthesia the cosmetic surgeon specialist make extremely precise incisions into the hymen and remnants of the hymeneal ring. These torn part are then closely bring into approximation and sutured with fine dissolvable sutures .these sutures fall off within ten days to two weeks time . the procedure does not leave any marks or stitches on the operated part .

The period for hymenoplasty procedure is choosen not during the menstruation.

Once healed, the act of sexual intercourse can result in bleeding when the hymen is torn or stretched. For ethnic, cultural, religious, as well as personal reasons, many women resort to cosmetic surgery to restore their so-called virginity. Hymenoplasty is the procedure that addresses this problem.

Who should opt for this procedure?

Hymenoplasties or revirginitysurgery  are most often performed for religious, societal or cultural regions. In some cultures, women can actually find their lives in danger if they are found not to have an intact hymen on their wedding night, regardless of how the hymen was initially ruptured.

Privacy and confidentiality

The whole procedure is kept confidential and complete privacy is maintained .there is very little paper work needed and from consultation till discharge all the information is kept completely confidential .

We have specialist for your consultation as well as examination to ease the tension and anxiety .

Care after Hymenoplasty

The maintenance of the hymen is important after the surgery, as the wound takes time to heal…

  • You need to make sure to keep the hymen extremely clean to help avoid any kind of dirt particles from settling in the stitch wounds.
  • Do not resume sexual activity until the soreness and discharge has settled, as it will increase the soreness and pain.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects and housekeeping work for at least a week, as this will bring pressure on the entire hymen area.
  • Avoid squatting and indian type of toilet for 2 weeks time
  • Rest is the best way to heal the wounds, so the more you can rest, the faster you will recover and be able to resume your daily activities.

Risks and Complications

There are no everlasting side effects or risk of hymenoplastysurgery . The temporary side effects include some discomfort, swelling and very rarely some infection.

Cost of the procedure

The cost of hymenoplasty treatment is affordable and can be told during personalised consultation depending on the type of the technique need to be done for hymenoplasty .we at Dezire clinic aims to provide best medical services at reasonable price. For any query you can call us on +91 9222122122 or mail us on dezireclinicindia@gmail.com  or you can visit our clinic.