hair-removal-treatment-for-womenLaser Hair Removal is a safe, effective, and commonly used treatment, providing optimal results in the removal of unwanted hair in all areas. You want to look and feel your best, and have the confidence of knowing that you are getting the highest quality care and treatment.

Laser Facts Introduction

Dezire Clinic , Pune offers the safest method and currently the most effective Laser Hair Removal procedures on the market today. At Dezire Laser Clinic, Laser Hair Removal procedures are performed by the worlds leading technology – DIODE 810 nm LASER. DIODE Laser is a genuine, FDA approved, MEDICAL GRADE LASER. Laser Hair Removal is safe no matter which areas you are treating. Laser energy is used to selectively target and disrupt hair follicles whilst leaving the skin unaffected. The Laser beam is unable to reach any internal organs. Laser Hair Removal is a process that helps to reduce hair growth. Laser Hair Removal Treatment is a longer lasting hair removal solution. By using this hair removal method you can achieve up to 95% everlasting hair loss. In many cases even after only one treatment a vast reduction in the amount of hair growing back can be seen. However, usually minimum 8 – 10 sessions are recommended to achieve the best results. This is due to the fact that only the actively growing hair follicles are destroyed and not all hair will be in the active growing phase at the same time. Laser Hair Removal is medically recommended as the most effective way to treat in-grown hairs. Finally, you can be free of unwanted hair and those painful ingrown. For the majority of people, Laser Hair Removal opens the door to a new world, where waxing becomes a thing of the past. Laser Hair Removal is the key to a smooth, hair free, and in-grown free skin and will give you the confidence to finally wear that bathing suit! At Dezire Laser Clinic we offer safe and effective treatments to all our patients in a confidential and comfortable environment. We ensure a safe and comfortable environment with good results. Our Laser Hair Removal prices are very competitive. If you are treating multiple areas, we exclusively offer our patients various packages.

Hair Removal for Women in pune

Does it take you hours to remove unwanted body hair? Seek the laser hair removal experts’ assistance at Dezire Clinic and eliminate shaving pesky body hair once and for all! Dezire Laser Clinic understands that women want silky-smooth, touchable, hair-free skin and we can help them achieve said goal. Using state-of-the-art technology, our center can help women remove body hair from various areas of their body at an affordable rate. We are committed to our clients’ comfort and happiness, which is why we strives to make the laser hair removal process as gentle and painless as possible. Say goodbye to your razor, shaving cream, and other hair removal creams/lotions and say hello to Dezire Clinic’s laser hair removal treatments! We offer laser hair removal treatments for the following areas of a women’s body:

  • Facial Hair Removal- Do you have embarrassing facial hair? Instead of suffering through temporary and potentially damaging hair removal methods, such as waxing, tweezing, shaving, or scraping, everlasting remove your facial hair with laser hair removal treatments! We can remove hair above women’s eyebrows, upper lip area, sideburns, and the chin/neck area. We can accommodate any skin type and color, so please visit Dezire Clinic today!
  • Lip Hair Removal- Do not waste any more time on bleaching or shaving the hair above your lip-contact Dezire Clinic and learn how we can everlasting remove your upper lip hair. While electrolysis is painful and expensive, we offer affordable and gentle laser hair removal services to women who are embarrassed of their “mustache”! If you have black or brown hair that grows on your upper lip area, contact Dezire Clinic.
  • Chin/Neck Hair Removal- As women enter their thirties, chin and neck hair has the tendency to grow thicker and coarser, making it more noticeable than when a woman was younger. Dezire Clinic uses state-of-the-art lasers to everlasting remove unwanted and unsightly chin/neck hair. We provide affordable and fast laser hair removal services for women in Pune who wish to remove embarrassing chin and neck hair.
  • Bikini Hair Removal- Shaving, waxing, depilatories, and electrolysis are all painful and temporary methods to rid a woman’s body of hair in the bikini area. Our hair removal experts provide both Brazilian and bikini hair removal treatments for women who do not want to suffer through temporary hair removal treatments. From French bikini treatments to premiere girl bikini laser hair removal treatments, we can help women feel confident in nearly any bikini!
  • Underarm Hair Removal- Underarm hair on women in the United States is not something to be admired. American women are often embarrassed and uncomfortable with hair growing in the underarm region, which is why they often shave said area. However, even immediately after a woman shaves her underarms, black stubble still remains. Laser hair removal is a everlasting and painless procedure that can eliminate the irritation, bumps, and stubble left behind by shaving.
  • Leg Hair Removal- Do you want everlasting smooth legs? Come Dezire Clinic in Pune for everlasting laser hair removal services. We use the Diode LASER hair removal system that treats large areas of the body, such as a woman’s legs. Women can notice results in as little as three treatments, though many clients come back for two or three additional treatments to ensure that their leg hair is everlasting removed.
  • Breast Hair Removal- If you have hair around your breasts and are tired of shaving or waxing said areas, you may wish to visit Dezire Clinic. We can quickly remove breast hair and allow clients to feel confident in low-cut shirts and bikinis. When a woman receives laser hair removal treatment, the results are incredibly long-lasting. If hair does grow back, it may so light that hardly anyone would notice. We can perform laser hair removal on all different skin tones and types.
  • Eyebrow Hair Removal- Want to everlasting sculpt your beautiful eyebrows? With laser eyebrow hair removal at Dezire Clinic, our technicians can skillfully combine artistic talent with technological proficiency to everlasting remove eyebrow hair that keeps a woman’s eyebrows from successfully framing their face. A series of treatments are needed to everlasting remove eyebrow hair, but once all hair follicles are destroyed, a client will notice long-lasting results.
  • Arm Hair Removal- Do you have excessive hair growth on your arms? Instead of spending hours shaving or waxing said areas, consider everlasting removing arm hair with laser hair removal treatments! Depending on a client, laser arm hair removal is a relatively painless process. We have effective topic anesthetic gel that can help minimize pain or discomfort felt during the laser process if needed. If you are searching for an affordable and everlasting way to eliminate arm hair, please contact Dezire Clinic!

Pre and Post Treatment

Pre-Treatment instructions:

  1. For areas that are exposed avoid tanning and sun exposure one week before treatment and one week after treatment.
  2. Do not wax, thread or remove hair you wish to be treated two to three weeks before treatment. You can shave.
  3. Male beards need to be shaved at least the day or night before treatment depending on how fast your beard grows.

Post treatment instructions.

  1. Avoid sun exposure one week after treatment.
  2. No hot shower on the area treated for 24 hours, warm water is alright.
  3. No deodorant for underarm treatment 24 hours. Powder is ok.
  4. Please use sunscreen!

Free Your Body of Unwanted Hair in Pune

There is another alternative to shaving, waxing, and electrolysis that is nearly painless and completely affordable. Laser hair removal is available for various parts of a woman’s body and treatments are generally quick and customizable. Please contact our clinic to schedule an appointment with our laser hair removal doctor or to learn more about our laser hair removal treatment prices!

Recovery Process

It is probable that during the procedure the skin will become slightly red and warm. Any redness should subside fairly quickly after the procedure with most patients returning to work or social activities within a short period of time.

In the week following the treatment, it may appear as though the hair is growing however this is usually the residue of the destroyed follicles, which will fall out of their own accord, usually within two weeks. The time between treatments differs greatly from person to person due to their hair growth cycle.

Side Effects

No side effects except sometimes hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation can occur in the treated area. If scabbing occurs it is usually very superficial and should settle within four to ten days.


How many treatments does it take?

The laser works by disabling hair in the active growth stage at the time of treatment.
Because not all hairs are in this stage during treatment, additional treatments will be necessary to disable all the hair follicles in the treated area.
Treatments are usually given at intervals of 4 weeks, or when new hair growth is noticed.
For the best results with the fewest treatment sessions, laser hair removal treatments should not be delayed further than 12 weeks as it takes roughly from 4 to 12 weeks for the next group of hair roots to become active.

Am I a candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Almost anybody who has undesirable hair is a candidate for laser hair removal.. Laser hair removal achieves the best results when the patients’ skin is fair and has dark coarse hair. Patients with dark skin can also be treated with a different laser. Lasers with longer wavelengths are generally useful for darker-skinned patients.

What areas can be treated?

Laser Hair Removal can be performed on virtually any hair bearing part of your body including your arms, legs, bikini area, back, etc.

What precautions I have to take before and after laser hair removal

You should not bleach or shave hair before undergoing the procedure. You can wear makeup immediately after the treatment, no other special precaution is need to be taken thereafter

How long is the laser hair removal treatment?

The greatest advantage of laser hair removal is speed of treatment compared to other techniques, especially for large areas such as the back or the leg. For example, a back treated with laser only takes one hour, while a full back with electrolysis usually takes 125 hours!
Treatment time can vary based on the area. The upper lip takes only a few minutes while the back or legs can take up to an hour..

Laser Hair Removal Cost in Pune : –

Don’t be surprised to find the cost less than what you may be thinking!
After years of being perceived as something only for the rich and famous, cosmetic surgery and laser treatment is now priced for everyone to suits their budget, with people from all walks of life taking benefits of these.
With continuous innovation and revolutionary technology in medicine and surgical techniques have brought the price of laser and cosmetic surgery treatment down considerably over the years – even while the quality has gone up considerably.