A mole is a small discolored spot on the skin, often called a nevus. Moles first appear to be dark freckles, but they gradually grow darker with time, sometimes these moles are large or unsightly in highly visible areas of the body, such face, neck, arm etc. People who have large dark mole on their face may feel uncomfortable because of it hence there is no better time than now to remove that mole. For more details call on +91 9222122122, or mail on

Moles are also known as til. Moles are nothing but a collection of meloncyte which is a pigment responsible for melanin in the skin. They are usually of brown colour but in some case its colour could be dark or skin colour. They are rough, flat, raised or hair may be seen growing on its surface. They are of round and oval shape with smooth edges on its surface. In some cases it is possible that mole will go away on its own but in most of the cases it doesn’t go on its own.

Moles doesn’t cause any harm to the body apart from their aesthetic appearance. If moles are located in some place where it doesn’t give a good aesthetic appearance to the body then there is no option available rather than mole removal to get rid of those unwanted moles. Moles can be seen on any body part such as mole on face, mole on neck, mole on hand, mole on fingers etc.  If you also got moles then it may be possible that you may have tried different types of home remedies on Google on internet about “how to remove moles from face”.  But all these remedies doesn’t every time guarantee of giving 100% result of the procedure, moreover sometimes there are some side effect of this procedure.

If you have your mole removed, you’ll feel better about yourself and a little less self-conscious than you did before.

What is the procedure of mole removal surgery?

Firstly the area is numbed before administering the shot, the shot is only given beneath the bottom layer of skin and pinches only slightly. After the removal of the mole Dr Prashant Yadav will use heat or a special light to close the blood veins beneath the area where the mole used to be. You should experience very minimal bleeding.

Mole removal is the most effective and safest way for mole treatment which can easily remove moles without causing any side effects. People are mainly concerned about the appearance of the mole on face.  They are always searching for mole removal cost or til on face as face is the main area which is concerned for lot of people.

As moles are different in shapes and sizes their treatment is different as well hence there are 3 procedure which are used for mole removal

Laser Removal

Laser removal is for very small, light moles in noticeable areas.

Excision with stitches

Excision with stiches procedure is for deep, large, dark moles that lie flat.

Excision without stitches

Excision witout stiches is done for average sized moles that don’t go deep into the skin.
Mole removal surgery is safe, long lasting and result oriented. There is often some post-op pain or discomfort, temporary bruising and swelling. Recovery is immediate and scar of the sutures will fade and improve in appearance with time. You can resume your routine activities immediately after the procedure.

In this process mole removal surgery is being done for removing moles:

Simple shaving without stitches- In this process of mole removal surgery, scalpel is used for shaving the mole after that an electrical instrument is used for cauterizing the area and an electrical instrument will be placed in the area to stop bleeding.  After that bandages are applied over the wound to stop bleeding.

By excision with stitches- In this process the whole area of the mole is being cleaned and then it is made numbed. With the help of scalpel the borders and the surrounding of the moles are cut, after that stitches are placed on the moles. They can either be placed in the deeper layer of the skin and on the upper surface of the skin.

Laser Mole removal cost Pune

Mole removal cost is not the same for every patient, it varies according to the

  • Depth of the mole
  • Location of the mole,
  • Size of mole
  • Technique used in removing moles
  • Location of clinic

If you are looking for mole removal in Pune and wants to get it treated then you must visit Dezire clinic Pune. This clinic uses the latest techniques of laser for removing moles, the cost of laser mole removal in Pune depends on the laser which is being used during the procedure and the size and the location of moles.  At Dezire clinic the cost of laser mole removal is very reasonable and you will also get your permanent mole removal based in Pune.

Skin tags

Skin tag removal is a small tag with a narrow stalk which connects the skin to its outer surface. They are mainly of skin colour and of 1mm to 5cm in size, mostly seen in obese people, middle age people and people with type 2 diabetes. On the other hand wart are seen on the top layer of the skin and they are caused by human papilloma virus which grows very fast on the top layer of skin.

Warts- Warts are mostly caused by virus which is human papilloma, when the virus grows on the skin it grows very fast on the top layer of skin. They can be seen on any part of skin most of cases they go on their own.

Skin tag and wart removal

The procedure involved in skin tag and wart removal are the same:

  • Excision: Excision-In this process local anaesthesia is given and then sterile scalpel or scissor is used for cutting skin tag.
  • Electrolysis: In this process tags are being burned without damaging the surrounding tissues of the skin.
  • Freezing: In this process liquid nitrogen, argon gas or dimethyl ether is applied to the skin which is used for destroying the skin. This process is also known as cryotherapy.
  • Laser:. Specific wavelength laser energy is used for removing the skin tags.

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